Ruth Kaplan

Ruth received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College in Blauvelt in 2009, and prior to that has worked as a physical therapist x several years at the various Princeton Hospital satellite clinics.  Ruth owned Progression PT of Princeton x 12 years and has recently sold her practice to Patrick Trinidad, DPT. Ruth uses manual techniques to improve muscle and soft tissue healing. She practices with evidence-based methods for rehabilitation of various musculoskeletal, neurological, postural, poor balance, sports injury, and post surgical conditions. She works in the vestibular realm with vertigo caused by inner ear issues. Ruth has over 30 years of physical therapy experience and is now working part time at Progression PT of Princeton.  Ruth is currently spending time working on her nonprofit in Puerto Rico called the Chateaux De Gatos Sanctuary. She opened the non profit because there are endless homeless cats and dogs in Puerto Rico, especially after Hurricane Maria. She works with two women who live at the Sanctuary and take care of the cats full time. Ruth also brings puppies to the US mainland from Puerto Rico for foster. If you ever need a cat or dog, she’s your girl!!!

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