Empowering Seniors is What We’re All About.

At Progression PT of Princeton, our therapists treat seniors with patience, compassion, and kindness. We empower seniors to stay healthy, active, and engaged in the activities that they enjoy most. Geriatric Physical Therapy treats a broad range of issues that seniors tend to face as they age. Conditions such as loss of muscle mass, unsteadiness, falls or loss of balance/balance reactions, arthritis, osteoporosis, strength/flexibility deficits, joint replacement, and stroke can lead to pain and disability.

Geriatric Treatment Goals.

Our goal is to improve each patient’s mobility, increase their fitness level, decrease their fall risk, and relieve their pain. Following an initial evaluation in our ADA-compliant space, our therapists will work with patients to design a custom treatment plan guided by their specific goals and recovery needs. Patients also collaborate with our therapists in designing custom in-clinic and home exercise programs. The in-clinic program will be performed under the careful supervision of our encouraging staff. 

During a typical visit, our therapists will provide hands-on manual therapy which increases blood circulation and promotes healing. Manual therapy is an essential part of a thorough physical therapy program. This treatment will help to loosen tight muscles allowing for improved flexibility and relief of pain. Following manual therapy treatment, patients will complete their in clinic exercise program in our safe and welcoming workout area.

At every point along the treatment journey, we will educate each patient about the rehabilitation process, provide pain mitigation techniques, and monitor the performance of the patient’s home exercise management. Our therapists are also happy to teach a patient’s family and caregivers effective strategies for pain maintenance, exercise, and the performance of everyday tasks. If it is necessary, our team will provide instruction regarding the use of assistive devices, such as walking sticks, canes, rollators, or walkers.

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