Keeping You Safe

Every Body Walk! COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Updated: May 19 2021

To keep you and our team safe throughout the Every Body Walk! program, sensible COVID-19 prevention measures remain necessary for all participants.  

  • All walkers will continue to practice physical distancing (= 6′ apart) regardless of their vaccination status. 
  • Vaccinated participants are not required to wear a mask, as all EBW! activities take place outdoors. 
  • Unvaccinated participants are required to wear a mask until further notice. 

Our Everybody Walks program will only be initiated when the following conditions have been met; when local, state, and CDC guidance permits outdoor activities, and when most or all registered participants are vaccinated against COVID-19.

We recommend walking independently or as a household pair. In our experience, chatty strolls where we clump together have not been the most effective use of our time. Close walking is against the CDC guidelines anyway. E.W participants aim to get the most health benefits out of the program possible. Healthy living is why we’re there! 

Live COVID-19 Datasets