Spinal Rehabilitation

We are experts in back care. We regularly treat several types of spinal conditions including: lumbar or cervical stenosis, pinched nerves, disk derangements, spondylolisthesis, facet joint dysfunction, compression fractures due to osteoporosis, coccyx pain, sciatica, radiculopathy, poor posture, and post back/neck surgeries. 

How do you treat conditions of the spine?

Our therapists work in conjunction with your physician to help alleviate your pain and increase your function, strength, and flexibility. We spend time educating you regarding your condition and how you can best manage it through performance of an effective and appropriate home exercise program. Spinal conditions have a range of complexity;  we use specific evidence-based protocols that will provide the  targeted rehabilitation experience  required for successful pain remediation and functional strength improvements. Along with the use of condition-specific protocols, we base our work on each patient’s unique needs; this ensures maximal progress towards your personal goals.

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Progression Physical Therapy of Princeton