How it all began…

    • Back in 2001, my family bought a home and moved to Princeton. My husband and I were both beginning new jobs in the area, and my kids were entering the Princeton school system. There was a lot to uncover about this special town, and we were excited to discover everything that the community had to offer.

    • After we were settled, I began practicing physical therapy at Princeton Hospital. My job focused on rehabilitating post surgical patients and neurological patients. Each of my patients taught me something new about the healing process. After those first few years in Princeton, I pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Dominican College of Blauvelt. There, I became further equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to be the therapist I wanted to be.  Having pursued further education, I felt more self-assured, confident, and ready to continue the work of healing.

    • My first post as DPT was at a privately-owned clinic in New Jersey. The experience was invaluable to me for many reasons, but primarily because it taught me an important lesson; the mark of a great clinic is not found in the numbers of patients it treats in a day; rather, it is found in the quality of care it provides. This individualized, whole person  approach to physical therapy care changed my outlook on care models, and that’s when  I decided to  open a practice of my own.

    • There were a few hurdles to jump through, but then in August 2010, I opened up Progression Physical Therapy of Princeton in a small suite near the Princeton courthouse. At first I was on my own, but  over time I hired others like Evelnia Popa, our amazing biller. The practice was beginning to grow and was making an impact in the community. Our rehabilitation and healing model of care was working.  In three years the clinic expanded into an adjacent office suite. Soon after, we just had to pick up and move to gain a larger treatment space!

    • In 2018, our team opened  PPTP in a space we knew we wouldn’t outgrow — the Professional Park at 601 Ewing Street, where we currently reside. We have loved getting to know new patients and providers, and have become health care partners with many of them. Our new and returning patients appreciate Progression PT of Princeton’s inspiring and airy space, stellar staff, and our effective model of care.

      At Progression PT of Princeton, we will treat you like family. Call us today, get to know us, and take the first step toward your full recovery.

Ruth Kaplan, DPT
Owner and Operator of Progression PTP

Previous Progression PTP Location, 2015
Current Progression PTP Ewing Street Location, 2020
Progression Physical Therapy of Princeton