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Progression Physical Therapy of Princeton is a vital pillar of the Princeton wellness community and has been in operation for over ten years. Founded in 2010 by Ruth Kaplan, DPT, our network of loyal patients and referring physician partners have continued to trust us with complex-injury recoveries, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports therapy, and personalized physical therapy.


Listen, respond, and support our patients with personalized, science-based therapies, and treat clients with tremendous compassion and care.

How do we heal so effectively? It’s simple: we pay attention.
Unlike most clinics, who  focus on how many patients they will see in a day, PPTP focuses on how effective its treatments are. We know that successful rehabilitative outcomes come from applying our training through a lens of patience and compassion. We treat you and your issue with the utmost respect and dignity. We never treat you alongside other patients. When you work with one of our talented therapists, you can rest assured that their only goal is to get you feeling like yourself again.


Equip all members of our community with a specialized body of knowledge that empowers them to rise above their physical issues, and make a personal progression toward an improved quality of life.

Let’s face it: pain and injury are facts of our human existence. Most of us will encounter some form of pain, injury, or chronic condition in our lifetime. Our vision for the community is aimed at addressing this truth and sculpting a world where every person who comes through our door gains a mature understanding of their physical body and how to manage their condition.

Core Values


We commit ourselves to serving the needs and interests of our patients. We always put you first, and fully devote ourselves to diminishing your pain and physical issues.


We work with patients as our partners to set their treatment goals and to reach shared objectives. We have learned from experience that close collaboration between you and our team members helps achieve recovery milestones and optimal treatment outcomes.


We are compassionate and empathetic toward every person who walks through our doors. It is our duty to impart a positive influence on our patients’ health by healing, educating, and empowering them to the fullest extent possible. We care deeply about our patients and their recoveries, and always go the extra mile while providing treatment.


We commit ourselves to maintaining a high standard of excellence and integrity at our practice. Our therapists and staff challenge mediocrity, embrace the future, and adhere to high ethical principles.


We love and value our community! PPTP is a safe, welcoming, and affirming space for all people. We joyfully contribute our energies towards promoting the common good. We believe in the power of partnerships, and we are steadfast contributors to the Princeton community-at-large.

Celebrating Ten Years of Healing in Mercer County

Did you know that Progression PT of Princeton is celebrating its tenth year of operations in 2020? Whoopee! Here’s to ten more years of healing in Mercer County, NJ!

Progression Physical Therapy of Princeton