Julia Steinberg ~ Progression Physical Therapy

Julia Steinberg Interview Transcript

Julia Steinberg:  My name’s Julia Steinberg, and I’ve been coming to Progression Physical Therapy for … I don’t know how many years. Four years, maybe? I came in with an injury, but I have chronic tight fascia and muscles, and so I come in to get whatever hurts worked on.

Interviewer:  What was the first time that you came here? Was it a specific injury, or was it the same thing?

Julia Steinberg:  No, I came in for shoulder pain from swimming. Too much swimming, not enough other activity. But then I broke my ankle, and we did a lot for that. We’ve done tennis elbow. But basically, since everything’s always tight, I’m very prone to injury. And so it’s important that I come in and nip it in the bud, and so I come in a lot.

Interviewer:  Wow. And over those four years have you seen Joanna, Ruth, a number of …

Julia Steinberg:  I’ve seen Joanna. I’ve seen Ruth. I’ve seen Nick. Yeah, so everybody’s good. Everybody does a little different something, and so I usually see Ruth, but it’s kinda good every once in a while to see what other people do also. It’s just kinda fun. Everybody here’s so nice, so it’s good to visit with everybody.

Interviewer:  It’s interesting that you’ve been coming here for as long as you have. What is Progression Physical Therapy like in terms of, I guess, friendliness?

Julia Steinberg:  Yeah, everybody here is very friendly. And there are other regulars like me, devotees, I guess you can say, who come in for regular treatment. But everybody’s always friendly. It’s kinda one of those weird things that when you run into somebody from PT at the grocery store there’s always a polite nod and wave even if you’ve never spoken before. It’s a very comfortable place.

Julia Steinberg:  And I should say that since I’ve had this condition for a long time, I did use to get physical therapy services at other places. I’ve been to several other places, and none of them were half as good as here. You don’t get the hands-on treatment. This place is all about the hands-on treatment, and you get the full time. It’s not like you come in, they do a little bit, and then they send you to exercises. So I love it here. I will keep coming here. And I’ve tried other ways, and this is the best.

Interviewer:  Excellent. And one last question. How did you decide to initially come here? Did you know somebody that recommended Progression Physical Therapy?

Julia Steinberg:  Actually, yes, I was getting acupuncture for basically the same thing, to see if that would alleviate some of my discomfort. And the acupuncturist recommended coming. And what I love about physical therapy for this sort of thing is that I have some control over my treatment, so I can always ask questions, learn new exercises, but then it’s on me to stay strong and shape my own health by following my directions that I get from everybody here.

Interviewer:  So I take it you would have no hesitation in recommending Progression Physical Therapy?

Julia Steinberg: I’ve recommended Ruth, and everyone here, to many friends. Yeah. With great success.