“Fit to a T” – Osteoporosis Education Lecture

Progression Physical Therapy presents the:
“Fit to a T”osteoporosis education lecture





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“Fit to a T” Osteoporosis Education 

A free 1-hour interactive session presented by a physical therapist who is an expert in osteoporosis care and management. This program, designed by the United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI) is in response to the Surgeon General’s  report on bone health and osteoporosis. This educational program is called “Fit to a T” because the T-score is the measure of a person’s bone density and susceptibility to fragility fracture.

“Fit to a T” Program Goals

To work with  communities to generate awareness and understanding of these important issues and to help reduce the approximately 2 million fractures that occur each year in this country as a result of low bone mass.

Specifically, we want session participants to:

  • Learn to assess their living environment and fracture risk.
  • Understand the basics of lifelong bone health.
  • Be able to discuss bone health issues with their healthcare professional.
  • Learn to identify quality consumer health information.
  • Be encouraged to discuss these issues with family, friends and colleagues of all ages.

“Fit to a T” Key Messages

  • Osteoporosis and other bone diseases are debilitating. They can cause pain, loss of mobility and independence, deformity and mortality (contributing to a poor quality of life)
  • The disorder affects men and women of all races and ages (it doesn’t just affect women)
  • Information-gathering skills and prevention can help alter the course of the disease (it’s never too early or too late to make changes)
  • Americans can have strong bones and live healthy, independent and productive lives (through better awareness and education)