Charlotte Healey ~ Progression Physical Therapy

Charlotte:  My name is Charlotte. I work here as a physical therapy aide, but I am also a patient.

Interviewer:  What are you currently working on as a patient?

Charlotte:  As a patient right now, I’m recovering from a sprained ankle, and then, also, some hip pain.

Interviewer:  Have you been working here a long time?

Charlotte:  I’ve been working here almost a year and a half, and I started here as a patient before that, with a foot injury. I was doing physical therapy here, one of the PT aides was leaving, so Ruth offered me a job.

Interviewer:  How about that. I heard a rumor that other family members have come here as well.

Charlotte:  Yes. Both of my grandparents have been here as patients. They sort of started out. My brother’s been here. My mom. My dad.

Interviewer:  Wow.

Charlotte:  And I was the last one.

Interviewer:  Are you an injury prone family? Or, just very active?

Charlotte:  A little bit of both.

Interviewer:  Since you have been a patient here, as well as working here, how would you, can you tell me a little bit about the feel of the place?

Charlotte:  This is the first place I’ve ever had physical therapy. Other people in my family have been elsewhere, and haven’t really enjoyed their experiences.

Interviewer:  Oh really?

Charlotte:  What we like about being here is the fact that you spend so much time with a physical therapist, and then, that there’s always people helping you with your exercises. You’re never left on your own. There’s always someone you can ask if you have questions about what you’re doing, if you’re doing everything correctly.

Interviewer:  That’s very helpful. And, can you talk about the range of patients that come here?

Charlotte:  We see everyone from little babies to patients who are in their 90s, and for all varieties of different injuries, from balance, to any sort of sport injury, post surgical injuries. It’s just been really interesting to see the mix of people who come in.

Interviewer:  Just curious. What little babies might be coming here for?

Charlotte:  Lots of different things. A lot of neck issues, is for the most part, what the smallest ones, and then, sort of for the toddler age and younger kids, balance, coordination, things like that. It really depends.

Interviewer:  So I take it you would recommend this place to your family and friends.

Charlotte:  I would, yes. We have. We’ve had a couple of our friends have come in. My grandmother gets some of her friends in.